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Monday, May 29, 2006

Singapore Idol fever is back again!!!!

But before that, let me post a shout out to, the one and only, TAYLOR HICKS!!!!!

Congratulations on winning the American Idol Season 5, man! Ever since the semis, I've been rooting for either Taylor or Mandisa. You can't imagine my shock when the Man'Diva' was voted out of the show, but hey, it's a reality show so anything can happen. I prayed and prayed that Taylor will at least be in the top two, so it's a bonus for me when he's crowned the American Idol!! To me, Taylor Hicks is pure, raw talent, embodied in a figure so normal that he relates to everyone of us. To me, he represents the common people with passion, pure love and soul for the music and he proves that mediocre looks are not a hindrance towards achieving your dreams. So, thank you, Taylor, for being an inspiration and making a difference.... GO, GO, SOUL PATROL!!!!!

Ok, back to Singapore Idol... posted here in this space is photo clips of The One who I'm rooting for this season. Her name is EMILEE KANG, and why? Cos she's my best friend!!! Hah... She's already made it as far to the top 28 and now it's all up to the audience to ensure her path to idol stardom... So whoever comes across this page, please vote for her cos I think she'll make a wonderful celebrity!! She has the face, a voice that's unique and a pleasant demeanor ( though she can be quirky sometimes!! Hehehe... ) Anyway, she's a lovely person and I couldn't ask more for a best friend. So, I really, really hope that you all will vote for her in this season...

Btw, just in case if you wanna get to know her better, do log in to her blog, which was set up recently ( with my lil' help, hehehe )... Hear her own words and see her through your eyes, not the camera lens...

The URL address is
Enjoy the rest of her journey, but of course don't forget me lah ; )

P/S : I have a friendster account so do drop by if you're free, so you can drop me a testi... hehehehe...

The URL address is
Have fun, folks!!!!

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@ 2:22 PM

Sunday, May 21, 2006


I can't imagine someone actually kept these pics all this while...
My longtime friend, Manjoe ( whom I met again on Friendster ) kept all these pics of me over the net and diligently kept up with updates on my career. By his courtesy, I'm able to recover these moments in my life and able to share it with all of you. Thanks, Manjoe, you're a big help and a true friend.

The first pic was taken when I was 16, in Malacca. The two kids with me kept saying that I'm pretty and kept looking at me like I'm an object from the zoo, that I can't resist taking a pic with them for memories. Of course, I bought them lots of chocolates as well ( as a bribe ) hehehe....

The third pic was taken when I was performing at JJ Mahoney Pub at Duxton Road with my ex, Juli and my guitarist Joe. We were called J Jive then ( how corny! ) Don't I look different?

The last pic was taken when I was working for the "Broadcast Asia 2001" event, promoting a Russian multimedia company. It was my first big paycheck for a gig. I was paid SGD2K for two days work ( 6 hrs daily ). Sigh...

The rest of the pics were taken when I was 21, for a sponsored makeover.... Look at the poses!!! Hahaha...At least I have something to look back and laugh..Can't imagine doing that nowadays...

Once again, I'd like to thank Manjoe for his diligence. To the rest of you, enjoy these pics...I'm sure ( and I hope ) more will be recovered, so more to come...

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@ 1:41 PM

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I can't tell you how happy I am when my bebe got back from Bali. It was the longest four days I've ever been through, and boy, am I glad he's back safe and sound. Well, he bought me lots of stuff I can't even begin to elaborate. But there is this gorgeous choker with a very lovely pendant that I'm so totally in love with. He told me Jefri Brown chose it and I must say he has great taste. Thanks a lot Jefri and of course, I can't say how much I love you, bebe, and thanks a lot for the gifts.... Look out in this space soon for the pics taken in Bali.

In the meantime, Sunday 14th May, Delon (1st runner up of Indonesian Idol), drop by Bar None with his friends..(Indonesians who has businesses in Sg), and surprise, surprise, he actually recognizes me as Nana, the Wildcards contestant in Sg Idol.. hehehe, I didn't know they can actually get Channel 5 over there in Indonesia (how backdated I am). He told me that one of the contestants in Indonesian Idol, told him about me. I wonder if it's the former Indonesian singer in Hard Rock? Hmm...

Anyway, we had fun talking about our experiences in the competition (different country, but same nonetheless). We exchanged some personal details and he promised to call me up the next time he's in Singapore. Sigh, he is so friendly and approachable. I can't wait to see him again next time.

Got some gigs coming up next month. I'm pretty sure it will be successful and of course, fun to begin with. Don't worry, I will keep you posted and loaded with nice pics. Meantime, enjoy the current ones that I have for you...

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@ 8:00 AM

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

You guys must be wondering why I'm feeling the blues right now... My bebe is leaving for Bali tomorrow morning on work and I have to stay behind in Bar None... He's going away for 3 days and this will be the first time we're actually spending the longest time apart from each other... And let me tell you, both of us are so not looking forward to it... He's really sad that I can't come along on this trip cos I have to work in the bar, and I'm actually sad for the fact that no one's going to iron his clothes, or put massage oil and powder on his back, and literally be on hand for him... Sigh, no one to cuddle with these three days, but what to do, it's work and it's never easy on the path of romance... No worries, we'll survive.. I've made him promise to take lots of nice pics so I can upload it here, hehehe....

Anyway, Sunday 7th of May, was one of the best nights of my entertaining career... I only performed one set ( the middle set ), and I've got a Japanese gal, who dressed like a Harajuku girl, came up to me and said that I looked the coolest on stage!!! She said that I'm not too casual and not too dressy, and it's easy for her to see that I looked like I'm enjoying every minute that I'm on stage.. And not half an hour later, a very pretty Ang Moh girl with her bf came up to me and said that I reminded her of Pink, with my style... Lots of spunk and zest, she said... She even proceeded to tell me that she've met Pink in person and said that I'm almost the same height with her... hehehe, I never thought that Pink is actually kinda short for an Ang Moh... but of course, to be compared with a singer of Pink's calibre, that really made my night.... But I have to admit that another man's meat can be another's poison, and not everyone feels the same way, so I've gotta stay on the ground... But at the same time, there's no harm for a girl to float in the air for about 10 mins after being complimented like that, right?? hehehe, so let me enjoy my flight for a while.....

P/s : As promised, here's a couple of my birthday cake pics.. I know it's so long over by now, but I do hope you'd still enjoy it as well as I did....

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@ 7:54 AM

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

To all workers out there, Happy Labour Day!!!

We all work hard everyday to put food on our table. Living in a fast paced city like Singapore demands hard work because competition is all around . But I do think that it's good to sit back and relax for a day. On a day like this, we should be pampering ourselves with that heavenly 10 hours sleep and maybe a spa treatment or two, hehehe... So, enjoy yourselves everyone!!!! (with the money the Government just gave us, of course!!!)

Ok, ok, ok... my birthday gathering went better than I expected.. I mean, more people turn up this time around (more presents for yours truly, hehehe), even though some turned up quite late cos they were working. Some can't make it cos it was a Tuesday and they have to work early the next day, but all in all, I was very happy and satisfied cos the food was good (thanks, Jefri!!), my guests were comfortable and the friends who mattered to me was there (minus Mira, of course!! Stomach's getting bigger lah!! Hehehe, I'm gonna be a godma soon...) Aby was drunk, oopss, no no, high is more the appropiate word for it, cos he has to drink all the alcohol that was meant for me as a birthday present, hahaha... Gurmit sent me a very nice birthday message, as he can't make it due to a busy schedule. Thanks, Gurms... It's really the thought that counts.. As for everyone who was there to celebrate my birthday with me, thank you so much and your presence mean a lot to me... As for the ones who couldn't make it, but sent me countless messages, thank you also for your thoughts.. I really appreciate all of you...

Newsflash!!! As of now, I am the unofficial fiancee of Fairoz Bin Samil, and it's gonna be official in a month's time. Yayy... He presented me with a gorgeous grade 1, 0.4 ct diamond solitaire cut set in 18k white gold ring with all his beautiful simplicity embedded in the design. A few days before that, he vowed to take care of me no matter what happens... Sweetest thing on earth for me right now... Look out for updates in this space, hehehe....

Alrite, time to go now... Sorry, but I have to leave you guys empty handed... Not much pics this time around, but there will be two clips of my birthday cake soon, specially ordered at Angie The Choice... Mmmm, nice.... Will upload the clips next time around... ta ta..

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@ 3:09 AM