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If I offend anyone through my meaningless chatterings, I'm truly sorry. It's just precisely what I felt at the time of writing. Let me exercise my freedom of speech. Don't love me, just know me. We're all human. At one point or another, we all break down. THIS IS AN OUTLET TO LOOK BACK ON MY MEMORIES AND LAUGH, REFLECT ON MY MISTAKES AND LEARN. AS I HOPE FOR EVERYONE WHO VISITS THIS SPACE TO OBSERVE. "Grow up with me, as I grow old with you" - Anonymous Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket - October 2005 -
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Monday, December 25, 2006


This live video of me singing "Unfaithful", dedicated to all my lovely friends on this merry christmas day.... Hope you enjoy it :-D


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@ 9:06 AM


1. Are you single, taken or crushing?
2. Are you happy with your life now?
Never been better... Alhamdullilah....
3. When you meet the right person, do you fall in love with him fast?
Not exactly....
4. Have you ever had your heart broken?
Once is too many times....
5. Do you believe in some circumstances where cheating love is acceptable?
Depends on the circumstances....
6. Would you take someone back if she/he cheats on you?
Been there... Done that...
7. Have you ever talk about marriage with another before?
8. Do you want children?
The essence of being a real woman is to be a mother... Of course!
9. How many?
One is a gift from God, two is a blessing from God while three is His trust on us....
10. Would you consider adoption?
11. If someone likes you right now, what do you think is the best way to let you know his feelings?
I like it straight up...
12. Do you enjoy getting into a relationship?
It takes two to clap... Won't work if I'm on my own...
13. Be honest, what is the furthest thing you and your ex did?
Almost destroying others' happiness... Forgiven but not forgotten... It's a lesson well learnt...
14. Do you believe in love at the first sight?
Unquestionably yes...
15. Are you romantic?
I am romantic... But also realistic... It's a good balance...
16. Do you believe you can change someone?
I believe in accepting someone as they are... To change is individual...
17. Do you easily give in when you are fighting?
Not on your life... I stand up for what I think is right... But if I'm wrong, I'll be the first to admit it...
18. Do you have feelings for someone right now?
Fairoz Bin Samil...
19. Have you ever wished that you could have had someone but you messed it up?
I did, once...
20. Have you ever broke a heart?
Twice... No more hopefully...
21. If one day your best friend falls in love with the boy you are deeply in love with, what would you do?
I don't know... My best friend thinks if such a thing happen, it will be incest... LOL right, Em?
22. Are you missing someone right now?
Moi family...

Now you have to ask 5 of your friends to do this survey in their blogs.
(1) Emilee Kang
(2) Noel Desmond Boyd
(3) Cute Hida ;-)
(4) Shyanne De La Cruz
(5) You.....

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my friends a merry merry christmas and a forthcoming happy new year!!!!!
Enjoy your holidays, everyone.... Muacks muacks...

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@ 8:22 AM

Friday, December 22, 2006



I'm disturbed at the moment...

I've been reading my past posts for the whole year... And I noticed that I'm a bit more subdued in my writings, especially after the middle half of the year. I think I'm learning to be careful with words so as not to anger some people.... Too late, I realised I'm being too careful that I didn't see this coming...

I've been asked a very stupid question from a very ignorant person in this music industry (won't mention names here, but YOU know who YOU are!).... He asked me this question.... (in a joking tone but serious mood) SO HOW DO YOU FEEL, BEING DEMOTED FROM A BAND LIKE JIVE TALKIN' TO BNI? MUST BE BAD HUH? (snicker)

My first reaction was, where did this guy come from? I don't even KNOW YOU and vice versa, yet YOU are stupid enough to judge me or my work, when YOU know nothing about my achievements. I know I've already answered YOU personally (which left you speechless) but let me just repeat what I said to YOU over here, so YOU won't forget where YOU stand....

First and foremost, again fyi, I am much much happier with BNI now... I don't think I'm DEMOTED because, the difference between Jive Talkin' and BNI are only in terms of musical experience... Salary wise, I'm getting better and PLUS, I'm signed directly to the company with CPF and MEDISAVE included. I have 14 days paid leave annually and if I should ever fall sick, my medical expenses are covered BY the company. PLUS, I have staff meals provided AND great staff discounts... And I have a chance to go to Hong Kong every year that I'm with the company... I didn't get all that with Jive Talkin', so I consider myself PROMOTED.... Go and do your research, try to find out how many other female club singers get the benefits that I have now...

I'm not even done yet, YOU dumb@ss.... I did learn a lot with Jive Talkin', they are, after all, one of the best bands in Singapore... But I can't practice what I've learnt with them cos they are so good they don't need me.... As when I'm with BNI, I feel much more appreciated, cos at least, I AM making a difference to the band, and I am practicing what I've learnt and putting my knowledge and creativity into good use, and the best part is, I GET TO BE MYSELF.... I have to say my rapport with the rest of the band members are much better because of our understanding and our mutual goals FOR our company AND ourselves.... and in terms of the music, BNI WILL BE BETTER THAN BEFORE.... I promise YOU that.... YOU are SO ignorant of the fact that when YOU insult me with your STUPID question, YOU were insulting BNI as well... And to think they consider YOU as a friend... Sigh..

In case YOU were wondering, my relationship with Jive Talkin' IS STILL good as before, even if we're not working together... We are, after all, professionals and our agreement was mutual... It's a waste of ten years of my life in this industry if I don't understand the nature of the music business...

So for YOU to ask me that STUPID question in the first place, have YOU ever thought of yourself and YOUR achievements?

Btw, I have my own entertainment company right now, in case YOU don't know... If YOU ever need a job, feel free to come and look for me...

Wake up and smell the roses... Even if YOU're older, doesn't mean that YOU're smart, or should I say, privileged? YOU've proven to me otherwise.... I respect YOUR age, but I don't respect YOU...

Learn how to tell the difference....

P/s : To everyone who's reading this, please bear with my outburst... This post is only directed to ONE person, and that person KNOWS who he is....
I promise to the rest of you that I will be nice again after this entry.... ;-p

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@ 12:03 PM

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

1. Are u photogenic? *Wat do YOU think?*
2.What time do you go to bed? *When the sun rises....*
3. What was the last thing you did before this? *Reading 8 Days mag and watching CSI...*
4.Who's the one you always meet the most? *Moi Bebe...*
5.Who's the person you'll call if you need help? *Moi Bebe...*
6.What's on your mind right now? *My family... miz dem loads lah...*
7.What do you prefer? american idol/ malaysian idol? *Singapore Idol? LOL...*
8.With whom do you wanna be with to have fun? *Moi Bebe, Em & my lovely sis, Diena...*
9.What movie do you wanna watch now? *The Holiday...*
10.When was the last time you went out? *This morning to Mustafa Center. Everything under one roof, hehehe...*
11.What do you hate the most for now? *Conflicts and arguments*
12.What do you do everyday besides eat and sleep? *Work non stop...*
13.Colors that make you happy? *Lilac...*
14.Most fave thing in your room? *Ma bed...*..
15.Miss someone? *Pls refer to the above...*
16.Plan to buy something? *Nissan Murano for Moi Bebe...*
17.Are you satisfied with you life now? *It can only gets better...*
18.Do you like seafood? *Yup...*
19.Breakfast or dinner? *Both...*
20.Like chocolates? *Adore 'em...*
21.Do you have a laptop? *Soon...*
22.Whats your favourite food from fast food? *Arnold's Friend Chicken...*
23.Cats or dogs? *Meoow.. ;-) *
24.Salty or sweet? *A lil' bit of both...*
25.City or country? *Definitely both...*
26.Is kissing normal for your age? *Next question pls...*
27.Are you athletic? *Definitely WAS...*
28.Favourite bands for now? *MUSE...*
29.Do you have your own cell phone? *Who doesn't? *
30.What do you wear to bed? *Me...*
31.Ever had a crush on a teacher in high school? *Never...*
32.Coke or pepsi? *Iced Milo...*
33.Sugar or spice? *Anything that is nice...*
34.Can you use chopsticks? *Most definitely...*
35.Do you care about getting good grades? *I did...*.
36.Have you ever fallen asleep in class? *Not that I remember...*
37.Get a job or ask your parents for money? *Get a job...*
38.Is your mom strict? *I don't think so...*
39.Do your parents give you enough privacy? *I believe so...*
40.Do your parents trust you? *I'm sure they do...*
41.Would you ever wanna lose your best friend(s)? *Not in my lifetime...*
42.Does your best friend(s) get on your nerves? *It's part of their duty to do so, right Diena? Em?
43.Do you make friends quickly? *Not always...*
44.Do you tell your mom everything? *Nothing that might hurt her feelings...*
45.What do you & your parents fight about most? *We never fight...*
46.If you love someone & she/he rejected u, what will u do to her/him? *I let it go...*
47.Can you sing or rap? *I'm paid to do both...*
48.If you have one wish, who would u make ur wife/husband for life? - Fairoz Bin Samil
49.What do you think about this survey? *A mental scrutiny? *
50.Would you do another survey such as this? *Why not? *

Now you have to ask 7 friends to do this survey on their blog.Write down their names below.

(1) Emilee Kang
(2) Noel Desmond Boyd
(3) Hida
(4) Effa Bakar
(5) Shyanne De La Cruz
(6) Lisvstarr
(7) YOU

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@ 9:09 AM

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Just a quick pass by to acknowledge the passing of two of my comrades in the entertainment industry....

First to remember Zali, the former bassist of Class Act, who passed on this morning. He will always be remembered by me for his jovial personality and energy.

Next is to remember DJ Sunny, former dj in Naughty Girl, who passed on a few days ago. He will always be remembered by me for his infectious hip hop and dance beats, and most definitely his skills on the pool table.

May Allah have mercy on their souls.... Al-Fatehah....

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@ 1:40 PM

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Pheww!! It's been like what? A month since I last update my blog... Woah...I've been so busy with work and projects that I've no time for myself... Sigh... but fret not, my blog is still active, thanks to Shyanne and Manjoe for making full use of my Cbox, hehehe... thanks you guys ;-D

I'm doing very well at the moment, and I think I've gone one up further than before as in, I'm establishing my own company at the moment to handle and supply new talents to entertainment venues... We're still a baby at the moment but I appreciate the fact that a lot of people has been supportive... Their help will always be appreciated.. At the moment, I'm still looking for new talents to be groomed and of course, if all goes well, I might be able to provide the venues for these young talents to perform in... So if anyone's interested, drop me an email aite (

Got some pics for all to see.. Check them out!!!! My boys from BNI (Batteries Not Included) performing nightly except Tuesdays at Insomnia.... and friends included...

First up, the man on bass, Mat Noh, poised with the instrument of his work...

Next, is the man on drums, Runi, with the "rock drummer" pose all done up, hehehe....

Here's the man on keyboards, the one who's responsible for the music, Boy Suhaini....

Presenting the baby of the band, Alif, on guitars, who at 22, already making the girls swoon over his antics, hehehe....

This is my current partner-in-crime, Ibrahim aka Bryan, who has the stamina of a horse, but wait, check this out, he's got asthma... Ironic, isn't it? Hehehe.... He's real fun to be with on stage...

And this is where all the music happens... the live stage in Insomnia...

Gals nite out at Insomnia, after dinner... Insomnia has one of the best menus in Singapore... I personally recommend Grilled King Tiger Prawns.... SSSllluuurrrppp!!!!

A friend of my cousin, Cindy, dropped by to say hi... In the center is my cousin, Doris....

Gaylie was so in love with my digicam, she went and took photos of everything in sight!!!! Hehehe... here's one of her baby experiments that night....

I dropped by 1 Nite Stand to say hi to the band Six In The City... Pictured is Mus on vox, Azman on bass, Herman the sound engineer and Jali on keyboards....

That's all for now, peeps.... Have a nice time, y'all, and I'll catch up with you guys soon!!!! Muackz muackz!!!

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@ 10:04 PM